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The BedLounge: Better than a Back Wedge Pillow

BedLounge Back Wedge Pillow Order BedLounge Now!

Receive all of the benefits of a Back Wedge Pillow and more with the Doctor Designed BedLounge

  • Fully adjustable to fit your body
  • Total upper & lower back support
  • Complete head and arm support
  • Ultra lightweight and portable

When you are looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow for sitting, lounging and sleeping in bed there are two choices: Bed Lounge Pillows or Back Wedge Pillows. But how do you choose the one that is right for you? Here are a few characteristics to look for before making your decision.

Is it Doctor Designed to Support All the Key Parts of Your Body?

The BedLounge back wedge offers lower and upper back support
Relax in the comfort & support that you deserve

What makes BedLounge more unique than any back wedge is that it was designed by Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D., a leading back and neck specialist. The BedLounge pillow offers complete support to your upper & lower back, head, neck, shoulders, and arms. Most back wedges on the market don't even have a headrest, armrest, lumbar pillow, or internal adjustable frame, which are essential for proper posture and even distribution of your body weight.

BedLounge's inner "Active Frame" is extremely adjustable and carries a life time warranty. The foam and the fibers within the BedLounge are soft enough to contour to your body's very own shape, yet durable enough to support your weight and help you keep proper posture in every position.

Is It Easily and Completely Adjustable?

Reacts and adjusts to your body's very own shape

Back wedge pillows are nothing but rock-like blocks of foam. Their functionality is limited and they simply cannot adjust to different heights and body structures.

The BedLounge is fully adjustable to your specific body type. It has a completely adjustable headrest, which automatically follows your head's up and down movements and also extends to accommodate any height. The soft down lumbar pillow adjusts to provide proper back support. The armrests pivot in and out for a snug fit. No back wedge offers adjustability like this!

Is it Light Enough to Easily Carry?

The BedLounge back wedges are ultra lightweight and portable
Ultra lightweight & portable

Back wedges are notoriously bulky and heavy in weight. Not the BedLounge, it is ultra lightweight, weighing only 6 lbs. You can easily carry it with one hand! Move it from room to room and even take it with you on your vacations. Now you can have the luxury of ultimate comfort and support whether you are sitting up, reclining, or lounging wherever you are. That's something no back wedge pillow can offer.

You Decide! Try the BedLounge For 60 Days!

Try the BedLounge back wedge pillow in your own home for 60 days. If it fails to embrace you with the comfort and support you desired, simply contact us, and we will take it back. No questions asked. No hassle. We provide all necessary labels and paperwork for the return. Once the product has been returned, a simple $10 shipping and handling fee (per label provided) will be deducted from your refund. So, why not order yours today? - You owe it to yourself to try it!

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