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BedLounge: The Ultimate Back Rests

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The BedLounge Exceeds Ordinary Back Rests
in Comfort, Support, Quality and Ergonomics

  • Doctor Design
  • Total Upper Body Support
  • Lightweight, Compact & Portable

You can search for hours going through all the back rest options offered in department stores and on the Internet, but the BedLounge is one of the only back rests that's doctor designed by a top medical expert in back and neck pain relief. BedLounge isn't just a backrest - it's an entire upper body rest .

Bedlounge is Doctor Designed for Your Individual Needs

BedLounge backrest pillow offers comfort and support while reading in bed
The BedLounge Backrest Envelopes You in Cloud-like Comfort

What makes BedLounge more unique than any other back rest is that it was doctor designed by Dr. Robert Swezey M.D. - leading back and neck specialist. Most back rests only support your back, but the Bedlounge back rest offers full upper body support for your head & neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Dr. Swezey's patented design can bend, move, flex, and pivot to custom fit itself to your body's shape, distributing and balancing your body's weight. The result is ultimate comfort.

BedLounge Back Rest Conforms to Your Size, Shape and Position

Reacts and adjusts to your body's very own shape

Standard back rests have one position, they simply were not designed to adjust to your body the way the BedLounge backrest does.

BedLounge back rest was designed so that you can find the perfect position for you. Its headrest extends to accommodate any height. Full length armrests pivot in and out to give you a custom fit. The active inner frame and layers of foam & fibers contour to your body's individual shape. BedLounge even has a soft down lumbar pillow that you can move around to find your perfect position, all while providing proper back support.

BedLounge is Lightweight, Compact & Conveniently Portable

 The BedLounge back rest offers ultimate back support
Treat Yourself with BedLounge Backrest

The BedLounge backrest is ultra lightweight, weighing only 6 lbs. You can easily carry it with one hand! It's easy to fold the BedLounge up for compact storage, it's also light enough to tote along with you when you're traveling or just take it with you to another room when you read, rest, watch TV or even work on the computer.

When it's not in use, easily fold it up to hide it behind you regular pillows, on a shelf in your cupboard, or hang it in the closet.

You Decide! Try the BedLounge For 60 Days!

Try the BedLounge backrest in your own home for 60 days. If it fails to embrace you with the comfort and support you desired, simply contact us, and we will take it back. No questions asked. No hassle. We provide all necessary labels and paperwork for the return. Once the product has been returned, a simple $10 shipping and handling fee (per label provided) will be deducted from your refund. So, why not order yours today? - You owe it to yourself to try it!

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