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The ultimate Comfort Lounger.
Lounge anywhere in comfort & never worry about stacking pillows again!
Lounging in bed...
BedLounge Comfort Lounger

6-Way Adjustability

All Ways Comfort & Support
6 Way Adjustability

Multi-Layer Construction

Ultra-Lightweight Inner Frame
High Quality Construction

Lounge in Comfort

Get Ergonomic Support Wherever You Sit
Comfort Lounger

The BedLounge is built with layers of foam and soft fiber. Each layer is designed with its own level of softness and resiliency, specifically structured for the part of your body it supports and cradles. The result is a luxuriously comfortable lounging solution...wherever you sit! Perfect for use in bed, on the sofa, even on the floor against a wall!

Doctor Designed

For Ergonomic & Orthopedic Support
Dr. Robert Swezey
Dr. Robert Swezey

The BedLounge Comfort Lounger was designed by leading back specialist, Dr. Robert Swezey, MD after he became overly frustrated at the lack of support from the simple "short-armed, prop-up pillows" on the market.

Being a doctor, he tried to make it work better. He added more pillows - a cervical pillow for neck support; lumbar pillow for back support; pillows for the arms; flat cushions to counter the lagging support.

Finally, it was clear to him that his old bedrest had "had its day."

Designed by Top Doctor

Frustrated, he realized that if he wanted a comfort lounger to meet his desires, he would need to invent it himself.

Every part had to have the ability to adjust and move, yet still be soft, cushioning and supportive. It had to be pillow-light, yet very strong. And it had to support an adult's full weight - not just sitting upright, but reclining as well.

The BedLounge Comfort Lounger is the result of years of hard work, trial and error, and a doctor's relentless attention to detail.

Try it Today

60 Day Return Policy

Try the BedLounge Comfort Lounger in your own home for 60 days. If it fails to embrace you with the comfort and support you desired, simply contact us, and we will take it back. No questions asked. No hassle.We provide all necessary labels and paperwork for the return. Once the product has been returned, a simple $10 shipping and handling fee (per label provided) will be deducted from your refund. So, why not order yours today? - You owe it to yourself to try it!

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Customer's Praise

The BedLounge provides invaluable comfort and support for anyone with aches and pains or just looking to relax.
-- I.Y. Omaha, NE

What I have been looking for. Other loungers don’t have headrests & aren't adjustable.
-- W. B., Philadelphia, PA

BedLounge Dimensions

BedLounge Specifications

  • Weighs only 6.5 pounds
  • 100% Cotton Slip Covers
  • Machine washable covers
  • Available in range of colors
  • Folds up for easy storage