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Compare BedLounge to the Competition

With so many different reading and back support pillows on the market, choosing one can be a daunting task. From TV pillows, reading pillows, back support pillows to comfort loungers, back wedge, bed rest pillow, back rests and maternity pillows. They come in so many different shapes, sizes and names - deciding which one is right for you could be challenging.

The good news is: There's now a pillow that you can use for all of your lounging needs. You no longer need to buy several different pillows in order to read, watch TV, lounge, sit up in bed, use for post-surgical recovery or to sleep in. Dr. Robert Swezey designed the BedLounge to be The Ultimate Comfort Lounger.

We have so much confidence in the BedLounge, we've compared it to other products available on the market. Use our simple chart below in order to make the buying decision easier for you:

BedLounge Back Wedge Pillow Arm Back Rest Adjustable Bed
Lightweight & Portable
Replacable Slip Covers
Adjustable Headrest
Adjustable Armrests
Lifetime Warranty
Doctor Designed
Adjustable Lumbar Pillow
Patented Design
Made in USA
Internal Frame
Available in Different Sizes