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BedLounge Makes Surgical Recovery More Comfortable

BedLounge Post Surgery Recover Pillow Order BedLounge Now!

From shoulder & back surgery to cosmetic surgery, recover in the utmost comfort with BedLounge Surgical Recovery Pillow

  • Doctor Designed
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Ultra Lightweight & Portable

BedLounge - More Versatile Than Regular Pillows for Surgical Recovery

Sleeping comfortably upright in the Bedlounge after surgery
Sleep upright in comfort with BedLounge

Are you tired of searching for a post surgical recovery pillow? Keep finding everyday pillows that boast post surgical relief and fall short? Flimsy store bought pillows with arms squash down when you use them, making it impossible to find a relaxing position. You could purchase a neck roll pillow, lumbar pillow and foam wedge pillow to do all the things that BedLounge does and more.

BedLounge was ergonomically designed with your body's support in mind. It's less expensive and more convenient than an adjustable bed for sleeping after surgery.

Compare the BedLounge to other products on the market.

Doctor Designed Comfort and Support

<Dr. Swezey the inventor of the BedLounge post-surgical pillow
Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D. designed the BedLounge to give you the utmost support

BedLounge was invented by world-renowned back expert Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D. It is the result of a doctor's knowledge, hard work, innovative engineering, and relentless attention to details. That's why it's the finest product of its kind and many doctors recommend the BedLounge to their patients for post surgical recovery.

The BedLounge Post Surgical Pillow is built with layers of foam and fibers surrounding an inner frame specifically structured to support your body's weight. The fully adjustable headrest cradles your head and neck while a soft down lumbar pillow adjusts to provide proper back support. The armrests pivot inward and out to accommodate all sizes, and support your body's weight, reducing strain on your head, neck & shoulders.

Maximize Your Comfort While Recovering

Sitting up in bed in custom comfort & support with the BedLounge post-surgical pillow
Give your loved ones the comfort they deserve

The BedLounge post surgical pillow provides custom comfort & support in every position. Whether you are sitting up or reclining, the BedLounge's ergonomically designed inner frame actively contours itself to your shape, distributing your weight while supporting your head, neck, shoulders, arms, lower and upper back for hours of cloud-like comfort.

Whether you've had a surgical procedure, an injury or if you suffer from acid reflux or sleep apnea or any other condition that requires you to sit up while sleeping, the BedLounge is the best bed rest solution for you.

Sleep Sitting Up Anywhere!

The BedLounge post surgery pillow is ultra-lightweight
Conveniently portable and lightweight

You can't take an adjustable bed with you on vacations and trips, but the compact and lightweight BedLounge post surgical can be easily folded up to travel along with you. Perfect for use in bed, sofa or wherever you need to rest or sleep sitting up!

The BedLounge post surgical pillow is so light you can carry it with one hand and the armrests have built-in pockets to keep items close at hand so you can relax for hours without needing to get up.

You Decide! Try the BedLounge For 60 Days!

Try the BedLounge Surggical Recovery pillow in your own home for 60 days. If it fails to embrace you with the comfort and support you desired, simply contact us, and we will take it back. No questions asked. No hassle. We provide all necessary labels and paperwork for the return. Once the product has been returned, a simple $10 shipping and handling fee (per label provided) will be deducted from your refund. So, why not order yours today? - You owe it to yourself to try it!

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