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BedLounge Smart Construction

BedLounge's Smart Construction

What makes the BedLounge so light, comfortable and supportive is its advanced construction. Its unique design and engineering is a breakthrough - a fully upholstered, portable reclining lounger for your bed and home, with more features and capabilities than an adjustable bed, at a fraction of the cost.

The BedLounge has a life-time warranty on its patented internal framework. You cannot find its equal - anywhere in the world.

Ultra-lightweight "Active Frame" - Carries a Lifetime Warranty

BedLounge Inner Frame
Inner framework is rigid, yet can move, bend and flex

Dr. Swezey's secret lies within the "Active Frame". It's key parts of it move, flex and adjust, to conform to your body's shape in every lounging position. Every part of your upper body: head, neck, shoulders, arms, upper back and lower back are supported. Its adjustability actually exceeds most recliners and lounge chairs on the market.

The BedLounge inner frame is made from a lightweight structural plastic that allows the BedLounge to weigh less than down comforter and durable enough to have a Lifetime warranty.

Aircraft Grade Foam - High Quality, Resilient and Responsive

Aircraft Grade Foam
Precision cut polyurethane foam layers to gently support your body

The Aircraft grade foam is the "deep tissue" of the BedLounge. It is soft to take on your body's form and help evenly displace its weight, but firm to provide the proper support, alignment and posture.

Rich Layer of Fiber - A Fleecy Cloud You Can Lounge On

Your body rests on a rich layer of Spun Polyester Fiber over 2 inches thick

The fiber used in the BedLounge is a breathable material that is aerated with millions of intertwining air pockets. Air circulates through these airy spaces insulating your body and maintaining a moderate, comfortable temperature against your skin.

Prime Feather & Down or Hypoallergenic Down Fill - Soft and Pliable Support

Prime Feathers
A specific "blend" of feather and down is used in the Lumbar Pillow and Headrest

Our special mix of goose feather & down fill is strategically placed to cradle your head, neck, and back. Down fill creates soft, pliable, lightweight support that conforms to you as you change positions.

We can also upgrade your BedLounge to top-grade hypoallergenic, synthetic down fill. Hypoallergenic fill surpasses in performance regular feather & down because it will not shift or lose it's shape, it will always "bounce" back, retaining its contouring and supportive characteristics. It's perfect for those concerned with allergies because it allows you to relax without sneezing getting in the way.

Inner and Outer Covers -
Protection, Functionality, and Elegance

BedLounge Inner Covers

An inner cover encases the BedLounge body and headrest. This cover protects the layers of foam and fiber inside, but most importantly acts as a barrier against household allergens, dust mites and pollen that can inhabit pillows.

BedLounge Slipcovers are made with the finest of fabrics that are soft against your skin but durable to withstand numerous washings. These elegant fabrics make a statement in your home; they're also interchangeable to suit the season or your evolving style.

Covers are available in many attractive fabrics and colors. Click here to view our current collection.