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BedLounge: The Ultimate TV Pillow<

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The BedLounge TV Pillow: Makes Watching
Television Even More Enjoyable

Is TV watching in bed causing aches and strains on your neck, back and shoulders? Think about how much time you spend slouched in front of the TV. Slouching leads to serious back & neck pain and spinal curvature. The BedLounge TV pillow is an ergonomically designed TV pillow created by Dr. Robert Swezey, M.D. to help relieve neck and back pain and promote good posture all while watching television.

Watch Your Favorite Show in the Comfort of the BedLounge TV Pillow

Watching TV in ultimate comfort with the BedLounge television pillow
You've never enjoyed TV this much

There's nothing quite like settling into the BedLounge TV pillow to watch your favorite television show or movie. As you sink into its soft pillowy layers you notice something different that's not there in any other TV pillow. BedLounge supports you and conforms to your body like it is made for you.

The BedLounge is specifically made to be fully adjustable to your body's movements in every position. Its inner frame supports your upper body while reclining or sitting up. So go ahead, take a load off!

BedLounge - It's a TV Chair for Your Bed

BedLounge TV pillows offer supreme support for neck and back
Watching TV in Bed in Supreme Comfort & Support

How many times have you wished you could watch TV from the comfort of your bed? With the BedLounge TV pillow you can bring the comfort of your recliner in your bed!

No more slouching or sliding down using multiple pillows to prop yourself up. Average pillows squash down, but BedLounge was designed to support your body's weight. Its inner frame is surrounded by layers of foam and fiber, so it will never lose its shape! Nothing supports you like the BedLounge TV Pillow for Bed.

Multifunctional, Ultra lightweight TV Pillow: Bring Your Comfort Anywhere

Side pockets of the Bedlounge television pillows keep remote controls handy
Never lose your remote again!

Other TV watching pillows don't offer the versatility in usage that BedLounge TV Pillow provides. You can place it in front of the TV, use it for extra seating when you're hosting an event, or even fold it up and take it tailgating. It's like having a portable recliner that you can use on the floor, bed, couch, or anywhere you want to watch TV in comfort!

The armrests have convenient built-in pockets to keep your remote control or beverages so you don't have to get up and interrupt you favorite show. Other TV pillows have short stubby arms that offer no real support for your arms. BedLounge's full-length armrests are cushioned for even weight distribution - a key for strain free shoulder and upper back support.

Personalize Your BedLounge TV Pillow

BedLounge TV pillows in variety of colors
Slipcovers Come in a Variety of Colors and Fabrics

You can design your BedLounge TV Pillow according to your personal style. Select the fabric and color that matches your living room, bedroom or even your favorite team's colors.

All of our covers are designed to be easily removable and machine washable for easy care. BedLounge Slipcovers are made with the finest of fabrics that are soft against your skin but durable to withstand numerous washings.

You Decide! Try the BedLounge For 60 Days!

Try the BedLounge television pillow in your own home for 60 days. If it fails to embrace you with the comfort and support you desired, simply contact us, and we will take it back. No questions asked. No hassle. We provide all necessary labels and paperwork for the return. Once the product has been returned, a simple $10 shipping and handling fee (per label provided) will be deducted from your refund. So, why not order yours today? - You owe it to yourself to try it!

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