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What Real BedLounge Owners Say

With its unique design and superb craftsmanship, the BedLounge is functional furniture at its best.

— A.L., Birmingham, MI

My friend bought a BedLounge for me and it has been such a major help for my disability. I have to sit up to sleep some nights because of pain and now I can use the BedLounge. It helps tremendously. Thank you!

— H.F., Cedar Rapids, IA

The ergonomic design and high-quality workmanship reflect a lot of care and thought. I know I'm going to get years of use and enjoyment from my BedLounge

— W.D., Hartford, CT

Recently I had spinal neck surgery. I was to do nothing for two weeks. Your BedLounge made my stay in bed much more enjoyable.

— K.B., Maple Valley, WA

Wore out first covers. Love this. Saves my back. Ordered two sets of covers to wash.

— J.F., Jensen Beach, FL

My children gave me the bed pillow for Christmas. It is a joy. Thank you.

— S.L., Port Clinton, ON

BedLounge add to my joy of writing while in bed.

— O.S., Atlanta, GA

Very comfortable. My wife had bought another brand of lounger and we had to send it back. It was uncomfortable. Your Lounger was a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the quality product.

— T.Y., Springfield, IL

I received the BedLounge for Christmas and I have to say it’s the most enjoyable and useful gifts I’ve ever gotten.

— R.R., Jackson, MS

Excellent product! Keep up the good work.

— J.L., Topeka, KS

The BedLounge has so many useful features. I especially like the movable lumbar pillow, adjustable headrest and the longer arms that make getting in and out easy. And I love the ability to remove and wash the cover. A truly outstanding product.

— N. R., Montclair, NJ

The ergonomic design and high-quality workmanship reflect a lot of care and thought. I know I’m going to get years of use and enjoyment from my BedLounge.

— W. D., Hartford, CT

Very sturdy and comfortable. Makes sitting so much easier.

— G. B., Escondido, CA

The BedLounge is just great! It’s even more well-made and has more features than advertised. I’m very pleased.

— H.Y., Indianapolis, IN

Superb!!! Makes my reading a breeze.

— J.O., Layton, UT

The kids, our dog, the whole family loves the BedLounge. Thanks for a great product – and especially the washable cover!

— D. H., Eau Clair, WI

The BedLounge is the best product of its kind on the market. I’m totally satisfied.

— P.A., Ventura, CA

The BedLounge is a Senior’s best friend. It’s helping me age gracefully!

— T.F., Cleveland, OH

The BedLounge is one of the best things I’ve found for relief from fibromyalgia.

— H.E., Shawnee Mission, KS

I’m so glad I bought the BedLounge! It cost a bit more, but it’so much better than the cheaper versions.

— L. R., Jupiter, FL

Anyone who loves to read shouldn’t be without one.

— R.I. Binghamton, NY

Provides comfort beyond all expectations.

— A.L., Londonderry, NH

The BedLounge is a product of superior quality and value. A real accomplishment!

— N.S., Des Moines, IA

The BedLounge provides invaluable comfort and support for anyone with aches and pains or just looking to relax.

— I.Y. Omaha, NE

The BedLounge is great for use with a laptop. I never sit at my desktop anymore.

— B.B., Marina del Rey, CA

Soothing and relaxing after a long hard day.

— J.B., Springfield, MA

I have MS, arthritis and severe osteoporosis and thanks to the BedLounge, this is the first time I can sit up in bed. I love it!

— J.M., Livingston, MT

Because of asthmatic bronchitis, I have problems sleeping. The BedLounge enables me to sleep in a reclining position for easier breathing, with good neck and back support. It’s a godsend.

— C.T., San Francisco, CA

The BedLounge is great! I use it for studying, reading and watching TV. It’s so comfortable. There’s nothing else like it.

— G.R., Bend, OR

Love It! And so do my children.

— T.N., Montpelier, VT

I’ve tried lots of other products but was always disappointed. The BedLounge works as advertised.

— B.C., Charleston, SC

It’s Heaven!

— R. G., Lansing, MI

I love reading in bed, but stuffing pillows behind my back just didn’t provide enough support. The BedLounge, on the other hand, gives total support and comfort. It’s a pleasure.

— H. W., Las Vegas, NV

Forget the pillows. The BedLounge gives total support and comfort, with lots of adjustable features to fit any body size.

— K.S., West Chester, PA

For anyone who loves to read in bed, the BedLounge is a must!

— A.L., Des Plains, IL

It’s made reading in bed enjoyable again.

— G.E., Phoenix, AZ

It’s fabulous! I’m s-o-o-o glad I bought it.

— D.B., St. Petersburg, FL

Wow! What a difference. My posture is terrific since I got the BedLounge. No more slouching.

— P.S., Rutland, SD

Perfect for using the laptop in bed.

— T.R., San Jose, CA

I can’t believe how comfortable the BedLounge is.. It beats the older style backrests hands down.

— D.M., Baton Rouge, LA

It makes everywhere I sit comfortable.

— D.F., New York, NY

I was very uncomfortable sitting in bed, trying to prop myself up with pillows. Now that I have the BedLounge, I look forward to sitting in bed reading or watching TV. It’s great!

— L. M., Toronto, CN

I love being comfortable while indulging in one of my favorite pastimes: reading in bed.

— M.Y., Kansas City, MO

My daughter bought the BedLounge for me as a gift. I’ve raved about it so much, she’s buying one for herself.

— H.G., Wheeling, WV

I’m a nursing mother and I use the BedLounge several times a day. The back support is great! It was such a help, too, when I was pregnant and my back hurt or I just needed to relax.

— M.B., Culver City, CA

I use it every day for meditation.

— A.B., Santa Fe, NM

As a small business owner, I often have work to do up until I go to sleep. The BedLounge makes my life so much easier, sitting in bed doing paperwork or making calls.

— D.P., Boulder, CO

I’ve owned several other backrest products, but the BedLounge is the one I’d hoped for, looked for and until now, could never find.

— A.A., Houston, TX

The BedLounge is so comfortable, I can’t get along without it. I’m taking it on vacation with me because it’s light and easy to pack.

— K.N., Salina, KS

My husband and I have “his and her’ BedLounges and every Sunday, we sit for hours reading the paper and sipping our coffee. It’s our Special Time together.

— B.N., Tujunga, CA

My parents gave me a BedLounge to take to college. With all the hours I sit studying, it’s a lifesaver. I use it constantly and I love. it.

— M.D., Palo Alto, CA

What I have been looking for. Other loungers don’t have headrest & aren’t adjustable.

— W. B., Philadelphia, PA

After a car accident and surgery, I’d given up on finding anything to help my aching back. Now, with the BedLounge I can sit comfortably, even for long stretches of time. Can’t believe how much better my back feels. Thank you!

— V.H., Palm Springs, CA

Just got your BedLounge & am enjoying it. Especially comfortable to read in bed.

— W.R., Hilton Head, SC

Great support after surgery – for eating , reading, napping: Thanks!

— P.M., Madison, WI

I bought the BedLounge, previously. Love it! What I'd been try to find for years! I have to sleep in elevated position in a bed! BedLounge makes it so much easier when traveling and staying in hotels, etc.

— B.K., Roanoke, VA

I am a voracious reader and the BedLounger is a must...and I do admit to enjoy watching some great TV and movies. Now, if you could just install a popcorn machine...think about it :-)

— K.M., Connellsville, PA

I read and write nearly all the time, and this is the perfect gift for me.

— H.F., East Point, GA

Love it! I can't lie down - I sleep sitting up and your product is a joy and makes for happy night and sleep.

— C.C., San Francisco, CA

This is the best bed rest that I have ever tried. Thank you for your product.

— B.W., Mill Valley, CA

I suffer from degenerative disc disease. Much at my time at home is spent sitting up in bed. This product has been a godsend for me.

— T. G., Colen Burnie, MD

My BedLounge has proved to be 100% effective for breathing problems.

— B.C., Las Vegas, NV

Have the standard size and loved it. Ordered petite size and gave the other to my spouse.

— M.H., Raleigh, NC

Smaller than wedge. More comfortable.

— C.D., Naperville, IL

Of all other spinal aids the BedLounge has been the best by far that I've ever used -ever!

— J.C., Putnam Valley, NY

Works great. Holds up to a 260lb husband.

— D.W., York, NE

Have a lot of stress in my neck + upper back - BedLounge and LegLounger are a welcome relief.

— R.J., Rochester, NY

I love the BedLounge! Please send me literature so I can pass on to my doctor in Pasadena.

— L.L., San Gabriel CA

I am from Adelaide, Australia. I read all the reviews on the BedLounge & LegLounger website and had to try it for myself. I found out that it was cheaper (even including shipping costs) to order both products from USA than from the eastern coast of Australia and it only took 10 days from the phone order to being delivered at my front door. I cannot be more delighted with both products. I love to sit on my bed and watch a whole AFL Football game on the weekend or annoy my wife watching a late night movie or two. The Bed Lounge and the LegLounger work well in tandem and give you that sense of weightlessness and all-round comfort. It takes the pressure off my back. I also enjoy using it with my laptop and e-reader or just to have a relaxing talk with my wife. I am even thinking of ordering a second set for my wife. I used to put up with elongating my sleeping pillow up the bedhead but was never happy or comfortable until I received my BedLounge and Leg Lounger….now I enjoy relaxing on my bed.

— E.O., Adelaide, Australia

I have Spinal Stenosis and this BedLounge is a real blessing!! When I had physical therapy and had to be in ManorCare, I could not sleep because they had no recliners! I was not able to lie flat because of back pain. This would have been a great help!!!

— S.E., Pittsburgh, PA

We are very happy with this product, it's better than we expected It's well built and very comfortable.

— --D.E., Columbus OH

Just to say THANK YOU! My Bedlounge and cover arrived today and it is just so wonderful. I absolutely love it! no need for the trial period I am keeping it!!! Thank You

— L. N., Reno, NV

I purchased this one for my mother. Love it so much. I am ordering me one. Great product. Thanks!

— J. C., Tulsa, OK

I just want you to know that I found and ordered your bed lounge from Gumps to use after a lower face lift so that I could sleep upright to drain properly. I have a sleep number bed and would you believe, I haven't had a backache since using your product and all the blood is draining so well, my face is hardly black and blue. I told my plastic surgeon about this before surgery and will give him more info this week when stitches come out as I believe he should be referring his patients to the product. Thank you! It's ingenious. Oh, and I read in bed every night so I will be using this forever!

— K. M.,

It is way nicer than I thought it would be. Fits me so nice, so comfortable. Thanks!

— P. K., Chico, CA

Sleep all night long on my back with no back pain.

— L. W., Lapeer, MI

"BedLounge" - Best product ever. Thanks for inventing it!

— J.P., Mont Veron, NH

Perfect for our needs. Bought 2 for use in our new RV.

— G., K., Fiddletown, CA

I love the Bed Lounge. It's the best support I could find.

— J., E., Grand Islands, NE

After experiencing worsening painful tingling and numbness in my shoulders each night for over three years, I purchased a Bedlounge. From the very first night, there was instant relief as my shoulders were supported by the armrests. Being able to solve these types of painful issues brings much needed comfort to someone who lives with chronic fibromyalgia. Thank you, Belounge!

— Sharon K., Bay Harbor Islands, FL

The BedLounge has extended the use of our beloved sofa. The cushioned LegLounger is very stable and comfortable. The quality of design and covers blend nicely in both bed and living room. Thank you.

— C.S., Northbrook, IL

So far, I love it!! Great for reading and movie watching. Could be habit forming! Very restful. Might have to order one for my husband.

— L.P., Brunswick, OH

Very comfortable and so lightweight. Easy set up.

— S.W., Queensbury, NY

Having bilateral knee replacements in 2010. Just received my chair today and I am completely thrilled - more so than expected to be. Thank you.

— L.G., Raleigh, NC

The best product, the most elegant design.

— W.F., Beverly Hills, CA

It is great! It helps my back. I have back problems.

— J.J, Florissant, MO

I love it. Its so comfortable and supportive.

— D.S., Annandale, VA

Wonderful x 3! I purchased one for myself and 2 for gifts. We all love them for comfort and quality.

— P.J., Erie, PA

It helps. Cannot watch TV on couch with family without it. Thanks!

— A.I., Jefferson Valley, NY

Excellent! Slept through the night for the first time in weeks.

— B.M., Oak Park, IL

I also have the BedLounge and I love both. I have had several surgeries and don't know what I would have done without them.

— G.D., Oceano, CA

Convenient. Easy to care for.

— E.R., Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I agree, it is an excellent product.

— G.C., Danville, KY