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About Cequal Products

Cequal Products is the manufacturer and distributor of the BedLounge and LegLounger, along with other Posture Fitness products and health-related books.

Cequal Products is an outgrowth of the Swezey Institute. Cequal and the Swezey institute are excusive partners in creating new, significant products for Posture Fitness.

The Swezey Institute and its founder and director Robert Swezey, M.D., are the source of knowledge, credibility, ideas, and clinical research from which we develop, manufacture and bring to the market this applied knowledge in our products.

After years of development and collaboration with the Institute, we became the proud manufacturer and distributer of one of the most successful Posture Fitness products on the market — The BedLounge.

Built Locally in the United States

Cequal Products is a family owned business located in Santa Monica, California. We are committed to making our products in the United States and our manufacturing facility is located in Downtown Los Angeles.