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Frequently Asked Questions about BedLounge and LegLounger

    Does the BedLounge/LegLounger come with a cover?

    The BedLounge and the LegLounger come with your choice of a complimentary slipcover that arrives already on the item. Covers are removable, washable and interchangeable.

    Can I use the BedLounge without a headboard?

    You can use the BedLounge in the freestanding position wherever you like. It's strong internal frame lets you set any incline angle to almost full reclining. We do recommend that if you are using it in the reclining mode that you position yourself against a wall or headboard, or if using it on the floor, a couch.

    What is the difference between the Hypoallergenic BedLounge and Feather & Down BedLounge?

    The Hypoallergenic Pillow is completely identical in its construction to the Regular BedLounge Pillow with the exception of the substitution of prime feathers and down for a synthetic, hypoallergenic down. The synthetic down provides all of the same comfort and support, and is perfect for those at all concerned about allergies.

    Does the BedLounge come in different sizes?

    the BedLounge comes in three different sizes - Regular, Small and Kids. The small size is recommended for people 5'3" and under and the Regular for people 5'4" and above. The Kid's BedLounge is sized for children 2 to 6 year of age. For detailed product dimensions click here.

    How do I clean my BedLounge/LegLounger?

    The covers are easy to remove and are mashine washable. Follow these directions for more information.

    How big is the BedLounge or LegLounger?

    See this page for detailed product dimensions.

    Where are the BedLounge and LegLounger made?

    All of our products are manufactured in the USA at our Southern California factory.

    Do you guarantee the lowest price online?

    We are the manufacturer and proudly guarantee that we will offer you the lowest price online. If you find another advertised offer for the same product online, simply contact us and we'll be happy to match it.

    Please note that this guarantee does not apply to auctions, used merchandise, sales tax or shipping costs.

    I am very tall. Do you have an extra large BedLounge

    The Regular size BedLounge is our largest model. The headrest is able to extend upwards to accomodate taller people. We encourage you to take advantage of our 60 Day Free Trial Offer to test it for yourself.

    Does the LegLounger come in different sizes?

    The LegLounger comes in only one size.

    Do you have to use the BedLounge and LegLounger together?

    While the BedLounge and LegLounger are meant to compliment each other perfectly, they are both great standalone product and do not need to be used together.

    What warranty do the BedLounge and LegLounger come with?

    The internal "Active-Frame" on both the BedLounge and LegLounger are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. The rest of the product warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Naturally, this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage resulting from improper use or product abuse.

    What are the ties on the armrests used for?

    The ties at the end of the armrests are mainly for storage. Tying the armrests together and tucking the headrest in between makes the BedLounge very compact and easy to store; or you can hang it on a hook on the wall for easy access.

    Some customers, who are using the BedLounge to sleep in a upright position for medical or health purpose, use the ties to "tie themselves in" to the BedLounge, so they don't slide down or move around in their sleep. Others tie them together, and then rest their legs over the tied laces to provide a counter balance when reclining.