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How the LegLounger Works

Breakthrough Elliptical Design Rotates Beneath Legs & Knees for Comfort and Support

The first thing you'll notice about the LegLounger is its elliptical shape. It's what makes the LegLounger revolutionary in its ease, comfort, and adjustability. So much so that the LegLounger has been awarded - and is protected by a U.S. Patent. The LegLounger lets you effortlessly change the height & support under your legs and knees - without the need to get up!

Why the "Teardrop" Shape Makes Life Easier...

Teardrop Shape
The key for ultimate leg, knee, and feet comfort is the numerous possible height & comfort combinations.

The LegLounger design is stylish and functional. Most knee and leg support pillows and leg wedges are made for one position only. When you view the LegLounger from the side it resembles a teardrop. The soft, rounded contours of the LegLounger allow it to glide and roll. It easily rotates beneath your legs. As it rolls forward or back its height changes to the exact height you prefer. The LegLounger gives you the choice of Low Range, Mid Range, and Peak Range elevations for the utmost support and comfort.

Legs, Knees & Feet Pillow all "Rolled" into One

Air Lifters

The LegLounger has a resilient spiral-shaped core which mimics that of the commonly found nautilus. This spiral core is made up of cellular foam, encircled by multiple layers of aircraft-grade foam and layers of soft combed fiber. It is this unique layering of materials combined with the spiral design that gives the LegLounger its exceptional properties that equalize and distribute the pressure and weight of your legs, ankles and feet when resting.

Elevating your legs and feet is recommended by many doctors to help reduce swelling and increase blood flow and circulation. Using the LegLounger can also help keep you positioned in such a way that lessens the strain on your back and spine when sitting or lying down, especially for long periods of time.

Why the LegLounger?

Maximum sustained leg and knee comfort while resting, sitting, lounging, and relaxing.

Until now the only way to elevate your legs and knees has been to use large slabs of rubber pyramids, or chunky foam wedges. They are heavy, highly inconvenient, and even uncomfortable.

Using the LegLounger could not be simpler! No other leg wedge or leg pillow has the adjustability, range of elevations and support as the LegLounger all while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Start enjoying a whole new level of customized comfort beneath your legs with the LegLounger.